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letter #1
Filters and parts for Isuzu, towing, suspension, bed, batteries, tires, house batteries, towing, bed, supplies, large fuel tank, communications, cruise control problems, tires, roof, transmission, towing, shocks, roof leak, dinghy brakes, catalytic heater, problems with furnace & step, oil change, stowing, catalytic heater, reverse osmosis water purifier, tires, batteries.


Letter #2
Tires & Pressures, Heart Inverter, The EMB bed, Exhaust system, Goodies & Trek parts source, Sewage Pipe Storage, check the brake fluid level,  ‘bonger’ alarm for your leveler jacks,  ‘high idle’ knob, Motion sensing porch light.


Letter #3
Tires, On your walk around, suspension, Furnace (get rid of it), Electro Majic Bed, Exhaust leak, Cruise Control, Sewer hose storage, Inverter, Levelers, EMB Emergency (Motor Failure) Raising Procedure.


Letter #4
Attach bolts where firewall meets coach, FM, in Portland, Window Screens, Sewer hose storage, Leaking water transfer valve, Valuables storage.


Letter #5

Lost in a computer crash.


Letter #6

Computer Desk/File Cabinet, Towing a 5000 lb. Toad, transmission temperature gauge, a brake for the toad, Firewall Bolts, Treking in a hot climate (100+), Headlights, Trek Parts, Leaks/caulking, a cheaper Oil Change, Speedometer Problem and Fix, Rear Camera, EMB Blues.


Letter #7
Interesting electrical failure, Towing, Onan Propane Genset-hard starting, Check your exhaust manifold bolts/nuts,  Firewall Bolts Again!, EMB Safety Stops, EMB Motor Revisited, Isuzu Diesel Air Cleaners, Skirting braces, Baja.


Letter #8
Annoying Dash board squeaks, Cold Starting and Glow Plugs,  Reminder about expensive oil changes, 124,000 miles, Fuel Line problem,  Towing the Trek – Warning!, Water Heaters, Sliding Table Kit, Beautiful Floor, Isuzu Truck Service Facility Directory,, Heavenly Electromagic Bed.


Letter #9
Tranny Hiccup, Changing A Flat, Roof Sealant, Mileage, Electrical,  Batteries, EMB, On Line Fuel Pricing, Microwave Oven, Armrests, Generator Problem and Fix, Exhaust System Modification, Bed Problems Again, Engine Noise And Heat,  Air Cleaner, Bulkhead Bolts, Brakes, On Line Fuel Pricing, Microwave Oven, Armrests, Generator Problem And Fix, Exhaust System Modification, Bed Problems Again, Jack Pads


Letter # 10
If your tranny isn’t working right, The Trek Talk Newsletter, Trek Seats, Spare Tire, A New Trek Owner teaches us from his experience, The TREK that Roared, A Rude Awakening in the Middle of the Night!


Letter #11
Here is a Quiz…you ready?, Inverter Problem?? Oil Line Problem, Don’t tow the Trek with driveline connected,  Transmission Note,  Alternator bracket, Generator, Fun and games with the Onan generator,  Windshields, Isusu transmission,  Cruise control,  Ceiling stains,  Thetford toilet


Letter #12
Isuzu Trek Infoletters now on the web, Driving in hot temperatures, Engine driven air conditioner failure, Cruise Control Fix, An interesting story about Exhaust Manifold bolts


Letter # 13
Firewall Bolts & Trek mirrors...; Suburban Hot Water heater & leaking Pressure Relief Valve....;Tires...; Floor water damage repair; Generator Advice; EM Bed Comfort; Spare tire storage; Microwave; Towing the Trek; Cruise Control; Air Cleaner; Speedometer Cable break, Transfer switches


Letter # 14
Firewall fastenings again, Furnace and storage compartment leaks, I-Trek Transmission, I-Trek cruise control,Grease, Fuel Contamination, Fuel tank line problem


Letter # 15
ALERT!  Trek owners check your bed track bolts. Power Steering, Over-bed Hatch and Fan Self-Install Adventure, Cruise Control Propane, exhaust system, tranny cooler, K&N air filter, heated   holding tanks, Roof Leaks - A Final Solution.  Plus Supplement:  EMB bed rail bolts, a fix (with pics) and EMB Bed Stops.


 Letter #16
About “hopping up” or Boosting your Trek Engine, Electrical & Battery Charging, Loose dashboard screws again. Trek Step,. Anti-slosh/siphon fix.


Letter # 17
Streamlined water hose/sewer hose area; , Bolt firewall to body Lost; Alternator Bolt; Vacuum loss?; Roof Leaks; Strange symptoms lead to alternator; Door Hinge wear; Horns  Commentary: On ‘Power Boosting’ the Isuzu Engine II; If you can’t shut the engine off – an interesting electrical problem: Preventative Maintenance costs less and is more convenient: Information Sources for On the Road: Places to go to stay a little longer


Letter # 18
Isuzu Trek Rally is forming up at the National Trek Rally, Speedometer Cables, Cruise Control Troubleshooting and Repair, RVA Jacks, Blackwater Odors, Exhaust Manifold Cracks, Air Conditioning Problem, Roof Maintenance Engine Warm-up Shakes, Roof Repair: another approach, CO Detector Failure. Alternator Failure far into the Boondocks: A Quick Fix, EMB Rack attachments again. Alaska: The Inside Passage by Trek.


Letter # 19

Letter # 20

 SOME REPORTED TREK MILEAGES, Tank Capacities ,Trek EMB: Raising and Lowering without power , Differential noise and Exhaust Brake . House battery enhancement and stabilizing the suspension , Isuzu Trek for Sale , Mildew and Ceiling Carpet Stains
 Letter # 21
 Air conditioner attach bolts, Heart Inverter not charging batteries, Pre-lubricating the engine turbo. Front Curtain Repair, The EMB strikes again! Amana Oven Install, bigger tires, Fuel Tank Capacity, Skylight replacement, Trek Interior Makeover

Letter #22

Interior Re-do, Transmission acting up?, Exhaust Manifold bolts , Dipstick tube leak , Skylight Replacement, Request for Isuzu chassis manual , Freedom 10 inverter moisture problems, Speedometer/Cruise Control Norcold refrigerator problems
Letter #23

110V systems and GFI’s., Removing the electromagic bed., Stopper Motor, Bumper Paint , Enroute Problems, Exhaust Brake, Electric/Sewer Compartment Door, Finding Additional Storage, Electrical Drawings


Letter #24
Chassis air conditioning system service, Long term storage, Water damage, coach modifications and fuel filter leak, Fiberglass roof maintenance and Cruise control information.


Letter #25
Hanges and improvements to a 1992 2430 Trek.,Inverter water problems and alternator problems, Former owner misses his Isuzu Trek. Looking for help with a water leak at air-conditioner and an oil leak at the generator, Radiator leak, water pump, dynamic damper and crankshaft seal.


Letter 26
Microwave oven repairs. Brake system repairs plus alternator test.

Love that Trek, floor, generator and brake repair. High mileage
check lists.
High Mileage Check List


Letter 27

Mice, K&N filter, Solar overcharge, Air conditioner controls, Window drain holes, Headlights.

Maintenance manual, valve adjustment, glow plugs, corrosion.

Fluid lines, camshaft.

ACME Air conditioning/cruise control, Onan generator.

Mice, K&N filter, Solar overcharge, Air Conditioner controls, Window drain holes, Headlights.

Letter 28

Side decal replacement, roof repairs.

Blind replacement, converter, power steering fluid, headlights & transmission.

Exhaust manifold, cruise control.

Letter 29
Ceiling cover repair.
Oil change and Electrical repairs
Fan belts, Power steering hose and tube, Step.
Trek remodel and repair.
Milage, Generac oil leak, Bumpers
Letter 30
Brake lights and switch plus improved entry/exit light switch.
Delaminated tire belt, alternator belt, heat/air conditioner blower.
Spring re-arch.
Letter 31
Water Heater, Inverter, Tire Install, Alternator Belts, Jacks.

Bumper Repairs, Thermostat & Overheat, Vacuum Leak & Glow Plugs

Letter 32

Magic Bed Lube, Tires, Microwave, TV, Inverter, Heater, Hot Water

Engine C

ElectroMagic Bed


Letter 33
 wheel bearings and Brakes, Floor Insulation, Mice Invasion & Thermostat erratic behavior.
Water heater and Transmission failure.
Transmission computer overheat.
Letter 34
 Valve stem extensions.

Cabinet Hinge, Fuel Filter, Vacuum Hose and more.

Engine gauges, Inverter, Exhaust, Electrical Problem, Diesel Additive Study and Ladder. 

Power steering problem revisited (ref Infoletter 29).